Creators of the Armadillo Cube Mike Kessel and Grant Prestidge

When we are children we learn the most from hands on play, but why stop there? cube puzzles are the kind of toy you are allowed to play with whatever your age. Mike Kessel and Grant Prestidge, the innovators behind this creation see this classic game as something everyone should get there hand on but identified the missing potential for the current standard. The Armadillo Cube is fun for the entire family even the dedicated few that have thrashed their standard Cube down to the sub ten second mark - trust us if that's you, you're in for a surprise. So with passion and tenacity we have conceptualised, iterated, tweeked, changed, and then tweeked and changed again until arriving at an absolutely unique and thoroughly intriguing modern puzzle.

Recently, our Kickstarter campaign successfully crossed the line with 121% funding! This is a kick ass start to what we hope will be a world wide loved little game. Check it out on Kickstarter.